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Finally fixed a problem where the php scipt wont be able to write in my linux server.

So i have created another backup server for my LAMP stack server. Unfortunately, the php script was not able to written anything to the server.

I first did the change ownership way:

chown mlin:apache -R ./nexbd

chown is the program for change ownership, -R is the parameter where it will recurvesly pass the command itself to all folder under the folder named ./nexbd

After that, i also did:

chomod 0777 -R ./nexbd

chmod is the command for change the permission on a file or folder. -R again is the parameter to pass the command to folder underneath of the folders.

After all, no matter what ownership or user i changed to, it just wont work. The program itself just keep saying unable to written to the folder blah blah.

After pulling my hair for a whole morning, i finally noticed that LINUX’s alert that one program httpd is trying to write files and it has been prevented by the SELINUX…

So, i did the following to allow httpd to unified.

“sudo setsebool -P httpd_unified 1”

T-mobile Tuesday

It doesn’t matter if you are a T-mobile user or not. You probably have heard of the T-mobile Tuesday things going on lately. It  is really excited and interesting that T-mobile willing to offer something to their royal customers.

On top of that, many people on line are accusing that T-mobile coverage sucks and speed are slow. To be honest, i have only use Tmo,sprint, AT&T and MetroPCs in my life. By far, Tmo has been the best in class in service representataives plus the growths on their technoliges upgrades. If i live on a mobile service provider that has the same service and have not yet to satifsy me and they have not thinking about going out and making any improvents, i think that sucks.

I think i am off topic already. But just want to say T-mobile network does not sucks..The speed are also pretty amazing. I assume T-mobile is not the best, but its service is soso which is a plus to me already..

Wait…I think i am still off topic. So, with this T-mobile Tuesday APP, you basically getting freebies every tuesday. The first week, i redeemed my one share of T-mobile stock, one warcraft movie ticket as well as a free 2 toppting medium pizza. The pizza is soso, but taste not too bad. The warcraft movie i have been excited about can be one year back when i first heard of they are reasing this movie.

I am jost bored….and think about writing something down when i saw those comments when i was looking about t-mobile tuesday APP.. ROFL.


iframe self adjusting height.

I have been doing some research on self adjusting height on some of my site projects. One of the most challenging one for me is that some of my pages using ifrmae to reference from another page. The problem is, it’s not always diplsy correctly the height and width. it’s been exahusting since i am not majoring in CS and coding is a been hard for me. But i finally get this work well.

I have tried jscripts, it never really works. The problem i suspect is because not all browser using the same language translater. IE or most will redefined the iframe value to 0 and reload it, in another words some others will do it accorindly by the abolute values.

Here is a very simeple codes:

<iframe id=’iframe2′ src=”./index_frame.htm” frameborder=”0″ style=”overflow: hidden; height: 100%; width: 100%; position: absolute;” height=”100%” width=”100%”></iframe>


By doing so, it will self adjust the iframe size according to the documents and based on the current page size. Works perfrecly for me.