T-mobile Tuesday

It doesn’t matter if you are a T-mobile user or not. You probably have heard of the T-mobile Tuesday things going on lately. It  is really excited and interesting that T-mobile willing to offer something to their royal customers.

On top of that, many people on line are accusing that T-mobile coverage sucks and speed are slow. To be honest, i have only use Tmo,sprint, AT&T and MetroPCs in my life. By far, Tmo has been the best in class in service representataives plus the growths on their technoliges upgrades. If i live on a mobile service provider that has the same service and have not yet to satifsy me and they have not thinking about going out and making any improvents, i think that sucks.

I think i am off topic already. But just want to say T-mobile network does not sucks..The speed are also pretty amazing. I assume T-mobile is not the best, but its service is soso which is a plus to me already..

Wait…I think i am still off topic. So, with this T-mobile Tuesday APP, you basically getting freebies every tuesday. The first week, i redeemed my one share of T-mobile stock, one warcraft movie ticket as well as a free 2 toppting medium pizza. The pizza is soso, but taste not too bad. The warcraft movie i have been excited about can be one year back when i first heard of they are reasing this movie.

I am jost bored….and think about writing something down when i saw those comments when i was looking about t-mobile tuesday APP.. ROFL.